Join our Associates Network

Team Vancouver's goal is to build a closer relationship with the gay and lesbian sporting community, resulting in a win-win situation for all groups.

Here is what Associates receive:

  • Increased profile. We display a direct link to your Web site from ours, thereby increasing the number of people who access your site.
  • Increased support of your fundraising activity. Your events will be listed on our web site, and could also be featured in our monthly newsletter.
  • Access to new volunteers. You may be able to draw on volunteers from other Associates.
  • Effective communication within the sporting community. Associates will have the opportunity to network with one another, support and promote each others' events, and build a stronger and unified gay and lesbian sporting community.
  • No Cost. Becoming an Associate Member is completely free!

In return, we ask you to support Team Vancouver:

  • Exposure to new members. Team Vancouver is moving away from simply organizing events every four years. We plan to be more active going forward, and need an active membership who supports the gay and lesbian sport movement. New members are welcomed. Board openings are available as well.
  • Event promotion. You promote our events to your membership. The better the turnout, the better the fundraising potential. The monies raised will be used towards uniform discounts and bursary funds which will benefit all LGBT Vancouver athletes.

If you have any questions, please contact us at